• Each team guaranteed 2 games
  • In round robin play, teams will move on based on total points.  Points will be awarded for each period.  2 points for a period win.  1 point for a tie.  0 points for a loss.  As well, 4 points will be given for a win and 2 points to each team for a tie.  Maximum total of points per game is 10.
  • In the round robin, the top 4 teams will move onto the Championship side and the next 4 teams will move onto the Consolation side.  The remaining teams are eliminated from the tournament.
  • In case of a tie with points; the first tie-breaker is the winner of  there head-to-head match-up.  Next is best plus/minus.  Then goals for/against.  Following is least goals allowed.  And lastly, the team with the least penalty minutes.
  • All games will be stop time.  Preliminary Round games will be 10-10-15.  Final games will be 15-15-15.  There is a 10-minute break after each 2 periods of play to allow for a flood.
  • Consolation & Championship games ONLY, will be allowed a 1 – 30 second timeout.
  • Semi-Final Games; in case of a tie, there will be a 10 minute sudden-victory O/T.  If still tied, there will be a shootout with 3 shooters being picked.  If still tied, the 3 shooters will continue in the same order until the tie is broken.
  • Final Games; in case of a tie at the end of regulation time, the teams will play 20-minute sudden-victory periods until a winner is decided.
  • Any player or Team Official who is assessed a Match or Gross Misconduct Penalty will be suspended for the remainder of the tournament.  All other Misconducts will be served according to the OMHA Rules.
  • All Players and Team Officials must present CAHA/OMHA approved rosters and Travel Permits at least 1/2 hour before their first game.  Rosters will be kept in the Tournament Office until the team is eliminated from the tournament.
  • In the case of conflicting sweaters, the Home Team (as listed on the game sheet) will change their sweaters.
  • There will be a 3-minute warm-up period before each game.  This will be timed on the clock and any team not on the ice at the start of this period shall forfeit their right to a warm-up.
  • Teams should be prepared to go on the ice 15 minutes prior to their scheduled time of game to avoid any late starts.
  • In case of protest, the Tournament Chair shall rule and that decision will be final.